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Charlotte Checkers Transactions
Date Player To From
April 14 (RW) Matthew Pistilli Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
April 12 (LW) Zach Boychuk Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
April 11 (LW) Sergey Tolchinsky Charlotte Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
April 11 (LW) Zach Boychuk Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
April 10 (D) Ryan Murphy Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
April 4 (D) Ryan Murphy Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
April 4 (LW) Zach Boychuk Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
April 4 (LW) Chris Terry Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
April 3 (LW) Zach Boychuk Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
April 1 (LW) Chris Terry Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Date Player To From
March 26 (LW) Phil Di Giuseppe Charlotte Michigan (NCAA)
March 25 (D) Ryan Murphy Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
March 24 (G) Trevor Cann Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
March 23 (RW) Matthew Pistilli Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
March 23 (G) Trevor Cann Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
March 20 (D) Dennis Robertson Charlotte Brown (NCAA)
March 19 (LW) Chris Terry Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
March 17 (LW) Chris Terry Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
March 17 (D) Austin Levi Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
March 11 (D) Michal Jordan Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
March 10 (D) Michal Jordan Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
March 6 (D) Austin Levi Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
March 6 (D) Ryan Murphy Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
March 5 (G) Justin Peters Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Date Player To From
Feb. 19 (G) Justin Peters Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Feb. 15 (D) Beau Schmitz Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Feb. 7 (C) A.J. Jenks Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Feb. 7 (RW) Matthew Pistilli Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Feb. 6 (C) Sean Dolan Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
Feb. 6 (D) Beau Schmitz Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
Feb. 2 (G) Cam Ward Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Date Player To From
Jan. 31 (C) Sean Dolan Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Jan. 30 (G) Cam Ward Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Jan. 29 (RW) Aaron Palushaj Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Jan. 27 (RW) Aaron Palushaj Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Jan. 25 (D) Beau Schmitz Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Jan. 24 (D) Ryan Murphy Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Jan. 16 (D) Austin Levi Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Jan. 13 (LW) Kyle Bonis Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Jan. 11 (LW) Zach Boychuk Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Jan. 11 (C) Brett Sutter Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Jan. 10 (LW) Kyle Bonis Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
Jan. 8 (RW) Aaron Palushaj Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Jan. 5 (RW) Aaron Palushaj Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Jan. 2 (C) Brett Sutter Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Date Player To From
Dec. 31 (G) Anton Khudobin Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Dec. 30 (C) Greg Nemisz Charlotte Abbotsford
Dec. 27 (G) Anton Khudobin Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Dec. 27 (RW) Matthew Pistilli Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
Dec. 27 (LW) Zach Boychuk Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Dec. 14 (D) Austin Levi Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
Dec. 7 (LW) Zach Boychuk Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Dec. 6 (LW) Zach Boychuk Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Dec. 5 (LW) A.J. Jenks Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
Dec. 4 (G) Rob Madore Cincinnati (ECHL) Charlotte
Date Player To From
Nov. 26 (G) Rob Madore Charlotte Cincinnati (ECHL)
Nov. 26 (G) Rick DiPietro Free agent Charlotte
Nov. 22 (LW) Chris Terry Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Nov. 22 (C) Elias Lindholm Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Nov. 22 (LW) Philippe Cornet Charlotte San Antonio
Nov. 22 (RW) Adam Brace San Antonio Charlotte
Nov. 18 (G) Mike Murphy Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Nov. 6 (C) Elias Lindholm Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Nov. 6 (LW) Chris Terry Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Nov. 4 (C) Brett Sutter Charlotte Carolina (NHL)
Nov. 3 (LW) Kyle Bonis Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Nov. 2 (LW) Kyle Bonis Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
Date Player To From
Oct. 31 (C) Manny Malhotra Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Oct. 28 (G) Allen York Evansville (ECHL) Charlotte
Oct. 27 (G) Rick DiPietro Charlotte Free agent
Oct. 25 (G) Allen York Charlotte Evansville (ECHL)
Oct. 25 (G) Mike Murphy Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Oct. 23 (G) John Muse Charlotte Fort Wayne (ECHL)
Oct. 22 (G) Jesse Deckert Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Oct. 16 (G) Jesse Deckert Charlotte Florida (ECHL)
Oct. 14 (G) Justin Peters Carolina (NHL) Charlotte
Oct. 7 (RW) Kyle Bonis Florida (ECHL) Charlotte
Oct. 7 (LW) Stefan Della Rovere Florida (ECHL) Charlotte