The goal of the "Pick Up A Book & Read" program is to motivate and encourage students to challenge and improve their reading abilities. The six-week program invites third, fourth and fifth graders to read as many pages from as many different sources as possible and earn rewards based on the number of pages he or she has completed. Prizes from the Hurricanes and Checkers include tickets, jerseys and a visit from the Checkers' mascot, Chubby.

About the Program

How it Works

Charlotte Checkers Pick up a Book and Read
  • Select a six-week period that you would like to participate in the program. The 2016-17 program runs from Oct. 17, 2016 - Feb. 20, 2017 with registration closing on Jan. 2, 2017.
  • Display the Pick up a Book and Read poster
  • Distribute ONE Pick up a Book and Read bookmark and scorecard to each student. Independent reading or reading to another person from sources such as books, magazines and newspapers qualifies for the program
  • Students keep track of minutes read
  • After six weeks, collect all completed scorecards to check that each has been properly initialed and the minutes read throughout the program have been totaled and written in the box provided


For the Students

  • All students participating will receive a certificate of accomplishment
  • Students that read at least 1,500 minutes will receive Pick up a Book and Read water bottle (while supplies last)
  • Students who read over 2,500 minutes will receive a Pick Up a Book and Read mini notebook (while supplies last)
  • The top reader from each classroom will receive a special All-Star certificate.
  • The top reader from each grade level in each school will receive four tickets to a predetermined Charlotte Checkers hockey game
  • The overall top reader from each grade will receive a Charlotte Checkers jersey
  • The top five schools in the entire program, based on final reading results, will have an on-site visit by the Charlotte Checkers mascot, Chubby, and the community relations department on a mutually agreed-upon date