If you’re reading this, you’ve found our updated website! We’ve made some changes that should both enhance your experience as a visitor and our ability to continually add new features while ensuring that everything continues to run smoothly.

We’ll be making more additions and tweaking a few things between now and the start of the upcoming season, but you’ll notice that we have not changed the basic layout of the site in terms of where pages are located. You should be able to find everything in the same place it was before, while news articles should now be easier to find via the search function in the menu bar, the ability to sort by category and, over time, just by using your favorite search engine. The biggest ongoing project we have is the archiving of old news articles, so you’ll see more and more of those as time goes on.

If you do have any trouble finding us via the normal means, you may need to update bookmarks that were pointing to “/home” after the initial gocheckers.com and charlottecheckers.com root addresses. The same goes for the now-defunct “m.gocheckers.com” address that you may have added to your mobile device. If you see the old site at any time over the next day or two, hitting F5 should do the trick.

Speaking of mobile, the entire website is now responsive, meaning it should shrink with the width of your browser. To test this, try dragging the width of this window to get smaller and larger again. Along those same lines, the optimized site should automatically fit the width of your phone or tablet, eliminating the need for us to have a separate mobile site.

If you still have trouble finding something or viewing the site on any platform, please don’t hesitate to send us any kind of questions, concerns, suggestions or feedback.

Thanks for visiting!
Paul Branecky
Author: Paul BraneckyEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Checkers' vice president of communications, Paul Branecky has been covering hockey in North Carolina since 2006, including five seasons with the Carolina Hurricanes.